2020 Goals

I wanted to post on here just in case anyone needs to see it.

As we enter 2020, there is a lot of pressure to make weight loss goals. If you are struggling with whether to make a weight loss goal or not… if you are worried about starting another year in diet culture… if you are struggling with body image but just hate the idea of restricting via another diet…

I want you to know that you don’t have to make a weight loss resolution.

Weight loss is not a behavior. Habits are behaviors. Sure, weight loss can be a result of healthier habits… but making a weight loss resolution will often lead to disappointment, poor self esteem, and extreme diet measures.

Instead of making a weight loss resolution… make a habit resolution!

Instead of saying, “My goal is to lose 20 lbs”… try saying, “My goal is to add one serving of veggies per day.”

Instead of saying, “My goal is to cut out sugar and carbs to lose 45 lbs”… try saying, “My goal is to study Intuitive Eating. Instead of restricting foods (which in most cases leads to bingeing), I will tune into my hunger and fullness cues. I will practice gentle nutrition which means I will enjoy nutrient-dense foods while simultaneously enjoying cake at my son’s birthday party. This year I don’t have to restrict to be healthy.”

Instead of saying, “My goal is to lose 4 pant sizes”… try saying, “My goal is to exercise 4 times per week.”

Try saying, “My goal is to go on 52 hikes this year.”

Or, “My goal is to cycle to work everyday.”

Or, “My goal is to shave a minute off of my mile run.”

“My goal is to run 10 5ks this year.”

“My goal is to finally figure out crow pose in yoga class.”

“My goal is to be able to add 50 lbs to my dead lift.”

“My goal is to _____________”

It can be so hard this time of year. We are bombarded with diet culture messages… weight loss messages… before and after transformations (that focus on weight, not strength)… pills…. shakes… detox supplements… you name it.

Let’s make 2020 the year we step out of diet culture and take back our health.

Let’s make 2020 the year we choose to focus on habits over weight.

Let’s throw out our scales and say, “If I eat healthily and exercise 3+ times per week… If I drink enough water and sleep well… If I treat myself well physically and mentally then I know I am healthy regardless of what that scale used to say.”

We can do this. And we can do this together.

[The pictures are curated from the Insta accounts I follow. Last year I made a new profile and I follow anti-diet, body positive, intuitive eating, mindfulness, and mental health advocates. You can find me on Insta @sandpaper.and.glass ]