Sorry, Not Sorry.

Is my insecurity showing? Yes, yes it is.

Sorry if I share too many details. I am not trying to be insensitive, rather the opposite. I have learned through speaking with many women who have vulvodynia, that the more honest I can be about my experiences, the better I am able to help others.  I’ve written before about the stigma of talking about vaginal pain. About female issues. Hide your tampons. Hide your pain. Everything’s fine.

But I don’t like living that way. The more open I am, the more freedom other women feel to be open about their experiences. The more honest I am, the more women reach out to me saying, “You wrote exactly how I feel but I have never could have put it to words.” There is a community of women who suffer- and suffer in silence- because the world tells them that saying the word vagina out loud isn’t okay… well, unless you’re a doctor.

Also, I am not really looking for approval about what I’ve experienced in my life. This is my life. My pain. And though I share the hard things, the deep things, the uncomfortable things… it is helping me to heal. I am grateful for that.

Is my confidence showing? Yes, yes it is. I hope you can see it and help me honor it.

So I guess I am #sorrynotsorry if I share too many details.